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Pilates is a form of dynamic stabilisation retraining that conditions the body and thereby treats or prevents the occurrence or recurrence of a range of postural, musculo-skeletal and neurological conditions.
In simple terms that means you will strengthen and tone the muscles of your arms, legs, buttocks and especially your trunk (abdominal muscles and back muscles). This will not only strengthen and tone you, but by doing so reduce your likelihood of (or reoccurrence of) musculo-skeletal problems - especially back pain. This has been clinically proven and published in medical journals. The increasing evidence for the use of these exercises in the treatment and prevention of a range of conditions is why Physiotherapists are such advocates of Pilates and are teaching it in ever increasing numbers.

Pilates is just as relevant for the elite athlete as it is for those with medical conditions - and everyone in between.
It is for fitness, strengthening, rehabilitation and for fun!  
It is for men and women of all ages and abilities.
We will have a class to suit you and ensure you are placed in the appropriate one.

Modifies Pilates was designed by physiotherapists using current research evidence surrounding spinal stabilisation and lumbo-pelvic stability. It has (as the name suggests) modified some of the traditional Pilates exercises (some of which could exacerbate back pain) to make them suitable for the general population and those with back/joint pain.

We recommended a large number of our Physiotherapy patients to attend Pilates classes to manage their conditions. Chiltern Physio Pilates was set up as a result of the difficulty our patients reported in finding classes.  When they did find a class or got through the waiting list, instructors were often reluctant to have them in the class if they had any kind of  pain or problem. Also patients would return with problems after being taught inappropriate exercises. Pilates is not regulated in any way and while most instructors are very competent at teaching the exercises, they cannot be expected to have the knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and pathology that a physiotherapist has.

Whether you are doing Pilates for fitness, rehab or fun - doing it with a Physiotherapist will ensure you optimise you goals without jeopardising your health.

Tuesday      09:15        BL      Intermediate


Tuesday      10:30        BL      Beginners


Tuesday      19:00        RS      Intermediate


Tuesday      20:15        RS      Beginners



Wednesday  19:00      RS      Intermediate


Wednesday  20:15      RS      Intermediate



Thursday       09:15     BL      Beginners


Thursday       10:30     BL      Beginners


BL = British Legion Hall, Common Road

RS = Russell School, Brushwood Drive

Classes in Chorleywood

Classes run in 10 week terms and the cost of £90 is payable at the outset.


Payment for the whole term keeps costs down and encourages you to attend! If you cant make a day- come another day. If you are going on holiday - do two classes the week before! (See Ts&Cs)


Call us for more information.

1:1Classes & 
           Small groups

We provide pilates in your home or in our Chesham Clinic.


This can be an ongoing arrangement, for treatment of a condition, or to give you the confidence to join a class.


Call Nicky for further details and prices

Monday        19:00             Beginners


Monday        20:15             Beginners/Intermediate




Rickmansworth classes are held at

The WRVS Hall in Bury Lane


More to follow soon

Classes in Rickmansworth

Call for details


Tell us when you would like a class



Coming soon:

Classes in  Little Chalfont


                   Chalfont St Peter

Ante & Post Natal Classes

We are planning new classes in Chorleywood and one in Little Chalfont.


Amersham & The Chalfonts are to follow.


Let us know when & where you would like to see a class.


Get some friends together and we could have it up and running in no time!

New Classes
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